Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Barack Obama In Denver at DU 1/30

I went to hear Barack Obama speak at the University of Denver this morning and I have to say after hearing him rally the Denver community around his campaign to become the next president of the United States..I believe that he can do it. I think that for anyone who has yet to hear him speak, you need to do it now!

You may have heard that everyone in the Democratic party is supporting the same issues with slightly different methods, but Barack may be the only one that can get you to listen to him without cringing, then believe him, and THEN actually want to become a better person for your neighbors, yourself, and yes, even your country. Plus, a cute little appearance by the nervous Denver Bronco Rod Smith and a heart-warming introductory speech by the lovely Caroline Kennedy, this was a really moving and motivating community event. So, SO glad that my office crew and I skipped work together to go even if 20,000 people showed up for 9,000 seats!

Please check out the link on the Denver Post today just minutes after the rally.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Untitled #11 at The Denver Art Museum 1/25

This months Last Friday mixed-media event at The DAM entitled Untitled #11 (You Are Here) features a more Buddhist approach to its late night parties. Guests will:

  • be introduced to the meditative concept of flow
  • learn about the interconnectedness of the local food movement
  • read about the yogi book by RAM DASS (Be Here Now)
  • hear live music performances by local bands Hot IQ's (lounge, fuzzed-rock, classic pop) and D. Biddle (folk, punk, pop)
  • see the quirky comedies of the Buntport Theater Company (
The Denver Art Museum is doing a fantastic job with these events by creating new and very interesting themes to tantilze all of the senses AND by supporting local artists and businesses. For a museum of national ranking it's nice to see things localized!

Friday, January 25th
$10; FREE to members
6pm to 10pm

100 E. 14th Avenue, Downtown Denver

Monday, January 21, 2008

Exhibit Opening at THE LAB at Belmar 1/23

Once again THE LABORATORY OF ART AND IDEAS ( will showcase another progressive fine art show, this time featuring Denver talent Phil Bender with LAST PLACE and Mary Lucier of NYC with her exhibit PLAINS OF SWEET REGRET.

Phil Bender's large collections of discarded everyday objects reflects a symbol of a lost Western society paired with a sense of nostalgia. It brings the viewer to a place of familiarity and awe of the common art installation.

Mary Lucier's video installations of the North Dakota plains invites viewers to see the beauty of the landscape while witnessing the loss of its serenity through typical modern day influences.

404 S. Upham Street (Belmar)
Lakewood, CO 303.934.1777

1/23/08; 6pm to 9pm
Free to the public

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art Opening 01/18

BMoCA will host its first exhibition and exhibit opening of 2008 this Friday evening featuring four contemporary artists of Asian decent and influence; Jumi Janairo-Roth (Phillipines), Wang Jing (China), Susan Lee-Chung (Korea), and Hiroshi Watanabe (Japan). This show already hosts a dynamic list of international artists so the artwork itself will sure to be a welcome addition to Boulder's art scene.

You'll find traditional Chinese paintings mixed with American pop culture taking a satirical look at China today, a mixed-media installation with common large-scale labor items adorned with vibrant paints and fabrics, a photography and video installation investigating alter egos, and a Japanese photographer interpreting modern day North Korea in his own dialogue.

With three unique galleries to curate at BMoCA, this show will stimulate the intellect with questions about contemporary Asian society and guide the eyes through the beauty of its aesthetic culture. Show runs January 18th through May4th 2008.

1750 13th Street Boulder/303.443.2122
5:30 Members only preview
6:30pm Public opening; FREE

Friday, January 4, 2008

FINAL ART EVENT EVER! at Capsule Gallery 1/4

A friend of mine from Boulder and I are heading to Denver tonight, after a quick stop at The Kitchen Upstairs for tasting hour (, to the last night and hopefully unique and exciting art event at Capsule Gallery, 554 Santa Fe Drive at 7pm.

"Capsule Gallery specializes in showing the cutting edge work of emerging contemporary artists. We also run a monthly art festival, Art-O-Mart, have an on-site community screen printing shop, affordable artist's studios, have the occassional band play, and run professional development classes and seminars for artists. All that, and we throw a kick-ass party, too. We exist to support independent culture for independent people!" -Capsule