Tuesday, November 8, 2011

2011 Denver International Film Festival

I'm honored that I was able to get in to see the first screening (3 sold out shows) of the French film The Fairy. Next up for me will be the South Korean film Arirang by director Kim Ki-Duk. The film is actually a personal diary that he shot himself with a Mark II Canon video camera - he lived alone in an isolated mountain camera for 3 years (this could be a beautiful to see alone in a theater filled with filmgoers).

Saturday, November 12th at 4:45pm
$13 general, $12 student, $11 DFS member
* buy now (these films have been selling out fast!)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The External World, a David O'Reilly Animated Film

I've just started following Change the Thought in Denver, Colorado www.changethethought.com I love the motion graphics and animation work that they do, as well as what they follow - getting other creatives to recognize and appreciate this amazing world of animated graphics. Check out the new animated short film by David O'Reilly that recently premiered at the Venice Bienniale and Sundance Film Festival - http://www.theexternalworld.com/
Haunting, funny, and visually stunning work. Worth the 30 minute review.