Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Communikey/MATMOS at the Boulder Theater - 7/15

Originally my blog was Boulder/Denver pARTies until I moved to Denver full-time and decided that my time was better spent going to Denver-based events. Fortunately, Communikey (Boulder) makes it here today because the things that they are doing in the progressive music/art community feel like they should be in the "big city". Communikey has hosted a few events since their big debut of the electronic arts festival this past April, (of which I had the pleasure of being a venue sponsor when I was the events director at BMoCA) but this one seems like another great festival-like contributer to the somewhat predictable Boulder music scene.
The duo of Matmos' cosmic pop, synthesized music will perform at The Boulder Theater on Tuesday, July 15th accompanied by the interactive, public, digital art installation phonografitti. Matmos, who has toured with Bjork, usually presents its audience with something like "contact microphones brushing human hair, the pages of a Bible turning, rock salt being crunched underfoot, aspirin tablets being thrown at a drum kit from the other side of a room, amplified crayfish nerve tissue and — oh yes — the very real sound of human fat being sucked through tubes during liposuction surgery." - Sound on Sound Magazine
Supposedly works from their new album, Supreme Balloon, will bring mostly tempered synthesizer tracks.
This show should bring you unique entertainment as well as the opportunity to meet and interact with some of the hippest people that live in the Boulder area. This all ages show is $15 and tickets can be purchsed at the door. I'd love for it to sell out but I don't believe that it will.
Boulder Theater
2032 14th Street, Boulder

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